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Why Work With Us Instead Of Other Tree Service Marketing Companies?

We deliver results

Don’t be bogged down by trivial actions that take an age to implement but don’t move the SEO needle. You care about results from your Internet marketing efforts and that’s why we focus on high-impact actions that will deliver the best results for the long term.

work with me directly

Tree Care SEO Services is a small company by design. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality service possible, with a hand picked team of professionals. Rather than have an inexperienced intern work on your campaign, you’ll have dedicated professionals focused on results. I’ll be your account manager, liaison, and advocate.

get a custom campaign just for you

Not every business has the same needs. If you need us to create a website, you won’t get a cookie-cutter site that looks like your competitions. SEO and inbound marketing needs are unique to every company so expect a fully customized strategy. We assess your situation and we develop a personalized plan to give results.

transparent seo and a no secrets approach

We share all documentation with you as the campaign proceeds. The SEO work we do is based on best practices and we make sure you are part of the campaign as we go forward. Working together as a partnership allows us both to tack like a boat on the ocean to reach its final destionation.

open communication and no ghosting

We are very proud of what we do, and we are avid fans of making progress. As a result we make a point of keeping you in the loop with open communication channels, regular reports and a firm belief that you should never be ghosted. We want you to know what’s going on in your campaign.

years of hands-on experience

I’ve owned two e-commerce companies and one is still making sales today. I have over 25 years as a software developer and technologist with experience running businesses and teams, and over 15 years marketing and selling my own products. I constantly invest in myself and my team and hold several SEO certifications and I’ve also worked with the top 1% of SEOs in the US.

Tree Care SEO Services ISA Ontario Member
Tree Care SEO Services ISA Member