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Tree Care SEO Audit

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Tree Care SEO Audit

Finding Local SEO Opportunities

Every arborist website with a little bit of history on the internet has opportunities for improvement.

Tree Care SEO Services can perform a detailed analysis of how well your website is doing on Google. 

Our SEO audit aims to identify as many opportunities to improve organic search performance as possible.

Our SEO audit is exceptionally comprehensive and takes our experts several hours to complete. It covers a website's structural and content components that affect organic visibility.

What Is An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is critical before making recommendations to update a tree care company’s website. As such, we include an audit as part of our monthly services. However, we also offer audits as a one-off service to tree care companies.

What to expect during and after we perform an SEO audit?

Our fully comprehensive audits take between two and three weeks to complete. One of our SEO experts will be analyzing your website and discovering SEO opportunities that can improve your website. Of course, we will keep you in the loop during the audit.

After the audit, we invite you to a 1-on-1 presentation and coaching session with your SEO expert. We will talk through our recommendations and provide a comprehensive roadmap to SEO success.

Tree Care SEO Audit - What You Get

SEO Recommendations Document

Recommendations detailing actions that can be taken to increase organic search traffic to your tree care company.

Video Explainer

A comprehensive video explaining the SEO audit results and SEO recommendations document. 

1-on-1 Coaching Session

A one hour coaching and Q&A session about the results of the SEO audit with your SEO expert.

Keyword Database

Keywords and additional data, qualified and prioritized that can be targeted in blog posts and pages to increase organic search traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Domain-level competitor analysis highlighting content gaps (what keywords to your competitors target that you don’t).

Technical SEO And Content Audit

A comprehensive analysis uncovering website improvements that can be made to help increase organic search traffic.

SEO Action Prioritization

A prioritized and ordered list of actions to be taken to increase organic search traffic.

Content Strategy And Writer Briefs

An optional add on. We take high priority keywords, analyze top ranking pages, create content strategies and writer briefs that can be used to create blog posts or pages. 

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