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Graeme is the real deal. After chasing the endless promotional emails from the SEO “experts” in the marketplace, and always ending up with a proposal for $5K or more to fix all my issues, Graeme actually produced results. And what a joy to work with! This guy is for real. His attention to detail is truly remarkable, as is his results. Honest as well. What a find!

Joseph Samnik Jr, Consulting Arborist

Graeme’s Tree Care SEO service exemplifies professionalism. He is a master of his craft and helped drive traffic to our website. Thanks Graeme. Job well done!!

Working in a highly niche market, I needed an SEO expert beyond what most companies could provide. Graeme is THAT expert SEO consultant that worked with me to not only build an engaging website but turning the SEO juices on full blast! Thank you!

John Snow, Master Arborist

I had the opportunity to work with Graeme on understanding why my inbound leads had fallen off in the last few months.

I was blown away by the attention to detail I was provided with while working with him and his team, all of my questions were responded to quickly not to mention I received videos breaking down the question, showing me the data and explaining the impact it had to my business.

Andrew Vachon, Sales

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