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Working with SEO since 2010
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Graeme Knight has built a software company and two e-commerce stores as a successful technologist with an education in computer science.

Graeme learned the power of SEO after starting his first online store in 2010. While initial sales came from Google Pay Per Click, organic sales powered by SEO quickly took over.

Since then, he has constantly improved his knowledge and results through formal training, SEO and business communities, and partnerships with other digital marketing companies.

We have one mission - building valuable partnerships with arborists to help them grow more than they could ever think possible through data-driven marketing.

Formed as an off-shoot of NewRoute Digital, Tree Care SEO Services is a search engine optimization company based in Ottawa that caters only to arborist owned tree care companies.

We aim to be authentic, honest, and transparent in our work. Graeme works with a team of qualified digital marketing experts specializing in SEO, copywriting, and website design.

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